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#1 Local Junk Removal Company

Do you have unwanted household junk?  We can help!

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Junk removal can be overwhelming and time consuming which is where our junk hauling business can save the day! More often than not here in Valley Center, we all have piles stacking up in our garages, side yards, or back yards of old bulky items that we accumulate over time. Many people simply don't have the time or resources to be able to haul away old refrigerators, couches, office furniture, yard waste, other old furniture, or even just bags of trash that won't fit it out trash bins. That’s where professional junk removal comes in!


Recycling is important, and it’s something we put extra care into at Jaguar Junk Removal. When we come by for a junk pick up, it means that we do all of the electronic waste recycling, mattress recycling, and more for you so that you don’t have too. It’s a step in the right direction for our environment and easy way you can free up a bunch of space while knowing that it’s not going to have a negative impact in the future. We also make sure to donate as much as we can to those in need. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

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Professional Junk Movers

It may sound strange to hire a professional for junk disposal, but it’s a common practice for many local businesses here in Murrieta, as well as many residents. Not everyone owns a large truck to dump out their old washer and dryer, and even if they do it’s usually not disposed of in the right place. We do appliance removal often and we'll make sure it's done right when you call us at (760) 535-8209.

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We're Pros, but don't take our word for it

Great experience. Travis was reliable, friendly, professional and efficient. I inquired about an appliance remove in the morning and he was at my home within hours. It truly was hassle free. I will definitely use his services again!

Rosemary R.

Responsive and professional! Was able to have an old mattress hauled away same day. Price was affordable and would definitely use in the future for any junk removal needs as well as recommend to anyone.

Adriana A.

I was very pleased with Jaguar Junk Removal very courteous, professional. Will definitely use their services again in the future. I also appreciate the honesty with their pricing that speaks volumes to have integrity.

Adrienne R.

Clear the Clutter Out of Your Living Space

Every home here in California is eventually in need of junk pick up

People often realize they don't know what to do with the old stuff when they get new appliances or furniture. Furniture often gets placed out on the curb until someone makes a complaint, or they take up space in their garage until it’s time to move to a new home.

Refrigerators are a common item for our Murrieta junk removal company. Either they’re broken or the owner just got a new replacement. The problem is that these items are large, awkward in size, and typically heavy which makes it difficult to deal with on your own. Our junk removal professionals at Jaguar Junk Removal will retrieve it at a cheap price, and get it recycled for you.

Another thing our junk hauling service will come pick up for you is old mattresses. It’s a standard item that you see in attics merely because people either don’t know a place that will handle mattress disposal, or they don’t want to see a mattress that isn’t torn up go in the garbage.

What the individual doesn’t realize is that after just a little time spent in the attic you’ll likely never want to use it every again, even as a guest bed. With the insects found in the stereotypical attic here in Temecula, you’ll be itching even if they aren’t there!

At Jaguar Junk Removal, we offer mattress recycling so that we can come pick your old mattress, and ensure it’s put to further use. It’s put to better use than the usual mattress sitting in the attic, and with our junk pick up service you don’t even have to dig the mattress out yourself.

Mattresses, furniture, electronics, and other small things are a perfect to get rid of while you’re moving. Before you start packing absolutely everything, you can give us a quick call at Jaguar Junk Removal to help you get rid of everything that you don’t want, or don’t use anymore.

Our Work

De-clutter your property and de-stress your life today!

Give us a Call to Start Freeing Up Space Today!

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Our pricing is simple and very cheap. All you have to do upon our arrival is point out what you need our junk removal company to get rid of, and we will get the job done. If you prefer, we can also discuss your free estimate over the phone.

Jaguar Junk Removal is the ideal business whenever you need a junk pick up. We don’t just throw everything into a landfill, we recycle everything we can from electronics, TV’s, scrap metal, mattresses, and more. We work seven days a week and are willing to go the extra mile for junk hauling regardless of the size on both residential and commercial properties here in San Diego and Riverside County, specializing in the Temecula and Murrieta areas.

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